All EGAD members, stakeholders, and the public are invited to attend EGAD's annual corporate meeting. This meeting is to present the board of directors' accomplishments and challenges over the past year and to hold an election for the new year. EGAD has a strong board of members that are remaining to serve their three year term, but there are four new nominees to the Board. The ballot is this:

Continuing directors:

George Alexander, Teresa Beard, Derek Gores, Alexis Johnsten, Tina Murray, Tom Richards, Andrew Roman, Gwyneth Shick, and Brian Stevens

New nominees:

Donna Lynn, Lisa Webster, Matt Vazquez, and Melanie Schraeder

The meeting will be held Thursday, October 5 at Harris Auditorium at Foosaner Art Museum, FIT, at 5 pm and will last about one hour. Members in good standing may vote for the new nominees. 

EGAD's annual corporate mixer will be held one week later, Thursday, October 12, at Intracoastal Brewing Company from 5:30-7:30 pm. Join us!